Thursday, 20 October 2011

ALLAH Maha Besar

Wikipedia : I know everything !
Google : But i have everything !
facebook : So what?, i know everybody !                               
Internet : Hei Without me,, you all are nothing !
Electricity : Silent ! Who's The Boss now ?!!
Benjamin Franklin: Ehem..ehem..Who's discover Electricity?
Allah : Well... I created all of you ... ♥ :')

                Subhanallah.. ^^, ♥

credit to bismi

Thanks For Read My Blog ^__^

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gilaweb said...

nice...bleh pinjam ayat kamu?inspiring

admin said...

awk, follow blog saya ni jugak

Nuriy Arisa said...

suke entry nie EE^_^
terBAIK!thumbs up!

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